Hi, I’m michael

A wearer of many hats

Jack OF many trades

I do lots of things with technology, but for businesses:

 I help improve old, slow websites

+ make new world-class web experiences

+ help businesses thrive with technology


Experienced Freelancer

  • Modern, ergonomic, distraction-free workplace in my home
  • High-speed, redundant internet connection
  • Solid VOIP and cell connections
  • King of Slack, Trello, Asana, etc.
  • Facetime, Skype, Hangouts, Bluejeans, etc.
Michael discovers "Competitive Tickling"

More about me

Learn more about me on my Getting to Know Me page.

Sort of like an F.A.Q.A.M.F. (frequently asked questions about Michael Flowers)

Questions like:

Where are you from? Are you married? Do you have kids? Where do you work? etc.


Web Development

The portfolio’s gotten it’s start here

and it’s a work-in-progress like everything else.

 You can also download my CV here

Information Technology

Click here to view my past work experience

you can also click here see all my past experience on LinkedIn

Information Security / Privacy

Coming Soon

My Skills and Experience

Beaming straight to you from across the web is a direct download of everything I know.

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Whether or not you’re on the web,

odds are, I can improve your website

and make it work better for your business


Let’s Start a Conversation

Email / Web

m (at) flwrs (dot) dev

Github:  itsmeflowers

Google: meflowers331