Working With Me

This is a breakdown of my processes and how to best work with me

From Anywhere

All my work can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Equipped with high-powered home and travel gear for hard work in my “dojo” or full-fledged IT Ninja work from my laptop (both Mac and PC).


Experienced Remote Professional


these are some of the web/app tools in my toolbelt          


I have a custom:

If you contact me and you’re not sure of my hours (timezone, etc.)

Just ask me…

Are you wearing pants?




Means I’m ready to tackle whatever you have for me



Means I’ll get back to you later.

Email me or text me the details


What I value the most

a.k.a Characteristics I seek to demonstrate


Open and Honest

I am a truthful, honest, and open-minded individual 


When I say something, I mean it and will honor my word.


Just because I am silent doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say


Well-built, carefully crafted, thoughtful design, clever engineering


The minimal amount of steps between start and total completion

How to Help Me

a.k.a. How I Help Others


Show respect

No matter what, even if emotions are high

Ask permission

Never give someone any kind of feedback without asking permission first

Clear goals and timeframes

Things work better when everyone is on the same page

My Style

a.k.a. How I prefer to get things done



The simpler, the better


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”


Sugar-coating wastes time, savor the flavor of all natural results


I’m more of a laser-beam than a spotlight



View the slides by clicking the button and I’ll fill you in on my hobbies and interests.


Photography and Digital Art


Click the button and be taken to my photography website.

I’ll soon post content related to my digital and real-world artwork as well.


Video Games!


Since the early 90’s (think Atari and NES) I’ve been button-smashing and a keyboard commando.

My favorite types of games are Simulation games. Minecraft, too (just celebrated my 11th year of playing).

I’ve been known to stream a couple of times a month and have a YouTube channel, too.




Also… unmaking things. Breaking stuff is fun!

I own a 3D Printer, Soldering Iron, 3 Raspberry Pi(so far…), tons of arduino boards, breadboards, wires, buttons, switches, motors and motor controllers.

One day I’ll share some of my monstrosities publicly online, but… maybe tomorrow… 😛

HISTORY and Religion


When I geek out, I either watch or read about history, religion, and other socio-economic factors that shaped our world

I also love non-fiction and biographical novels/audio books



  • Learn SCRUM methodologies
  • Become CPR Certified
  • Continued study of Emotional Intelligence