Why UX?

There are very few things as pleasing to me as something that is well-designed. As a child I took private art lessons from a private art instructor as an alternative to sports. Spending time and energy creating drawings, paintings and now websites and visual elements continues to give me an appreciation for the craft of art and design.

I love visual elements of design and thinking about different ways that users can interact with websites and applications. Motivations for behaviors and actions has also fascinated me for a long time.

As it turns out, there’s a name for that and how it all relates to technology: UX

Selected Examples

My UX Training

Treehouse - TechDegree - UX Design

Mentor-lead self-paced instruction and community. Pretty great!

Work Submitted

The publically accessible Google Drive folder that has my working folders from submitted projects.

Springboard.com UX Design Curriculum

I’m on the “UX Design Curriculum” on Springboard.com 


I’m on the “Become a User Experience Designer” on Lynda 

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